There is a saying that leaders think of changing the world but never think of changing themselves. That is so very true of Mumtaz Bhutto. Every other week he makes his usual 'confederation statement' like a parrot on roll, totally ignoring the fact that he now belongs to the political dustbin after not having won even a single PA seat from his own province. This only means that he is still capable of creating mischief. Empty suggestions amount to nothing. I can also make a suggestion that we should return to One-Unit as this will save us a lot of money currently being wasted on politicians in various high offices. The money so saved could also be used for projects to solve problems of water and electricity. The ethnic strife would also be reduced considerably, there being no provincial or ethnic hatred and everybody being patriotic Pakistanis. My suggestions to Sardar Sahib is that since he is rich and comfortable, he should forget about politics. His confederation plan is not even worth a discussion. -Z. ISRAR, Karachi, via e-mail, July 5.