In developed countries, blackouts spread out over a whole region are a are occurrence but when they happen, as they did recently in some countries, they are investigated thoroughly by a team of experts that studies all aspects of the events and the findings are duly made public by the governments. This is done to ensure that the shortcomings in the power systems are addressed properly and necessary measures are taken diligently to prevent such occurrences in future. In our country, though, no exhaustive, unbiased study is ever under taken with the result that the real issues of such catastrophes remain masked. Departmental inquiries seldom depict the actual flaws in the power system operation and maintenance and the departmental shortcomings are rarely pinpointed. The presence of more than one institution of engineers and other debating forums existing in the country demand a greater role to be played by such bodies to research the causes of such devastating and disabling blackouts, as happened on 17 June 2009, and to hold debates to thrash out the weaknesses in our power systems. These institutions should come up with a comprehensive report giving full analysis of the blackouts including guidelines for actions by the electric utilities so as to avert similar mishaps in future. Role of TV channels can also be very important in debating this issue of immense national importance by inviting independent experts to their programs from time to time in order to create awareness in the public. -ENGR R.A. BHUTTA, Lahore, via e-mail, July 8.