ISLAMABAD Despite initiating an inquiry against Deputy Director Khizer Hayat Satti for allegedly committing criminal negligence as well as having alleged involvement in Rs 14 million embezzlement case in CDAs Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA), the Chairman of the Authority has made him a member of the committee probing that scam. DMA DD Khizer Hayat Satti is one of the members of the inquiry committee probing the fraud case of Rs 14m pay orders besides other members including DA Fazal Mehboob, Director Coordination Riaz Ahmed and Accounts Officer Ch Sultan. Its pertinent to note here that DMA Deputy Director stood responsible for all the affairs like revenue collection from sign boards, open spaces, trade licenses, bus stands and other sources of incomes. Critics say the fraud case occurred under his nose and the Chairman should have initiated inquiry against him for committing negligence but he was made a member of the committee. DMA officials confided to TheNation that Khyzer Hayat was included his name in the inquiry committee in a bid to save his skin and to make the junior officials scapegoat. An inquiry committee member while talking to TheNation said that Khyzer was also leaving no stone unturned to prove the actual responsible of this corruption saga Pervaiz Akhtar, a Drawing Disbursing Officer of DMA, as innocent. Its worth mentioning here that DD Khizer Hayat is an influential officer of the CDA. That is witnessed from the fact that, three months ago when Chairman Imtiaz Inayat reshuffled some officials of the Authority, he was transferred to the directorate of One Window Operation of CDA, however, he did not join and within a period of one month he succeeded to come back to the same position of DD DMA where he was working. Officials say that Khizer Hayat is the caretaker of the private business of the Momin Agha, DMA former Director, and Momin using his influence managed to repost him in DMA. Its worth mentioning here that few days ago pay orders worth Rs 14m for DMA were being transferred to personal accounts of the DMA officials in connivance with the contractor of bus stop and employees of a commercial bank, which had caused loss of Rs 14 million to CDA. Rs 3m have been recovered while the pay orders of the same amount have been stopped during the process of payment. Attempts were made to contact Director Municipal Administration Mansoor Khan and Deputy Director Khizer Hayat Satti, however, they did not receive the calls. CDA Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi while talking to TheNation said that inquiry was underway. CDA had registered an FIR against the responsible while inquiry committee had recovered some money from the culprits, he said. However, he assured that he would look into the charges of Khizers involvement in that scam and if found guilty, he would be punished.