ISLAMABAD Government of Pakistans surprising backtrack from its previous stance over the findings of UN Commission on Benazir Bhuttos assassination has quite comprehensibly not gone well with the United Nations. This fresh hue and cry on the part of the government comes at a time when key government functionaries including a mighty government guru, who was targeted in the UN Commissions Report, are likely to face the music for holding fake degrees. The suspicious timing of governments maligning of the international body is a convenient deviation tactic to shift public focus on other 'important issues. Three months after the launch of the Report when the dust was settled and the debate regarding the pros and cons related to the findings of the UN Commission were done with, the governments stubborn stance to foul mouth about all the technical aspects related to the Report barely make a bit of sense. Talking to TheNation from UN Headquarters in New York on Wednesday, a credible UN official monitoring the international bodys operations in Asia Pacific region, said that less than a week after the delayed Report prepared by the UN Commission on BBs murder was made public on April 15, the government of Pakistan on April 19 had communicated in writing to the UN that the former would make all the necessary arrangements to track down the culprits involved in Benazirs assassination, in the light of the Commissions finings. Resultantly, the leaders from the ruling PPP had reiterated publicly that BBs killers would be brought to book soon. Not only that, several ruling elites had appreciated the UN Report apart from a select lot of powerful individuals whose alleged negligence at Liaquat Bagh was pinpointed in the Report. In addition, this newspaper in April had quoted a top UN official about the UN Commission as saying that the Commission was circumstantial in its mandate and it was not conferred with any judgement powers. The official had said then that the Commission had duly abided by all its liabilities in compiling the Report on BBs murder, exercising the powers conferred on it. The UN official concurred to the argument that two serving federal ministers quite possibly be instrumental in 'bracing the government adopt a tougher stance regarding the Report. TheNation was first to unearth that United Nations had decided not to succumb to unjustified pressure exerted by Pakistani government regarding the controversies related to humanitarian aid and related issues. And equally reciprocating yet the principled stance that UN Secretary General had adopted in response to Pakistani governments evasive allegations is a manifestation to the UNs changed policy given the uncalled for criticism that UN is currently facing in South Asian region.