LAHORE - The recent incident that happened in the session courts was not without reason on the part of 'certain lawyers as for as their 'genuine demand was concerned. Appointing lower staff in the courts on merit was astonishing as it is a rare phenomenon especially in the history of Pakistan. The lawyers working on contract with the assurance they will help their clients seek relief from the courts, are allegedly spearheading the move of degrading and threatening the judges. But the loss to the reputation of legal fraternity they are causing is unfathomable when some government circles are also involved in creating rift among the black coats. This will have multiplying effect on the opportunities in search of which Federal Law Minister Babar Awan is visiting bar to bar showering rupees on some elected members of the bars, said a senior lawyer Anwar Khan. The dawn of esteem and leadership qualities the lawyers had earned by way of struggling for an independent judiciary, appears to be fast receding into the dusk of ill repute. Breaking law for an ordinary citizen and the criminal is not new but if lawyers tread the same path certainly counts for pathetic move. In judiciary the major stakeholders are the clients who are never taken into consideration before launching any adventure by the responsible of the judicial system. Professional lawyers never go for such movements that are launched without any genuine purpose. This not only damages their profession but also causes severe blow to the relief that some clients need urgently. It is a common practice by the elected members of the lawyers bodies that they visit different session courts after 2:00pm and meet judges in their retiring room just to convince them for granting relief to their clients from whom they have taken heavy fees, commented Mian Javaid Zafar advocate. Some lawyers also opined that an elected body of the lawyers had forced Sessions Judge Zawar Ahmed Sheikh to accommodate their blue-eyed in the jobs announced for the session courts. After they were denied, they launched a protest against the judge and pelted his car with shoes, they alleged. This 'hooliganism of the bar office-bearers became apparent in the general house meeting of Lahore Bar Association on Tuesday when some members of the house openly accused the bar president of corruption and dishonesty. In such a situation it is not premature to think that some political parties are also backing the bad elements in the lawyers for weakening the strong impression of the judiciary as well as to damage relationship between the bar and the bench. If this practice continues by some of the lawyers, the time is not far away when they too will have to face criticism like corrupt politicians. This way they will lose reputation and good will that they had earned during the bloody movement for the restoration of judiciary and supremacy of law. Each lawyer needs to behave prudently by virtue of the blessings of respect earned just few years back.