LAHORE - The Federal and provincial governments should resolve the matter of closure of Chashma Jehlum Link Canal according to the accord of 1991 through IRSA. This was stated by various stakeholders while reacting to the closing down of the CJ Link Canal whereof water supply to Punjab stands cut off. The representatives of farmers told The Nation that closing of C-J Link canal is against the benefits of Punjab and its farmers, and those irrigating their crops through C-J Link canal could not afford closure of the Canal. Kissan Board Pakistan President Sardar Zafar Ali Khan said that IRSA should take confidence all the provinces in any decision of water distribution amongst the provinces and IRSA acting chairman Shafqat Masud should also follow the accord of 1991. He said that Chief Minister Punjab before attending any meeting regarding water distribution, should have taken the farmers into confidence. He said that closure of C-J Link is equal to accepting the undue pressure of Sindh on the issue of water share. He said that single person like chairman IRSA and chief minister of any province could not impose any decision. Another representative of farmers Ibrahim Mughal termed the closure of C-J Link canal just a political failure of the Punjab government. He said that all the politicians involved in the conspiracy of closing C-J Link canal would have to pay the political price, as there is no justification of closing water share of Punjab in the current season when accord of 91 allows the running of the Canal even at full level, in the ongoing 90 days of a year. It is pertinent to mention here that IRSA acting chairman Shafqat Masud while talking to the media men said on Wednesday that C-J Link canal would be opened after two days. PML-Q (Like-Minded Group) secretary information of Punjab Mian Muhammad Asif stated on Wednesday that rulers of Punjab have failed in securing the interests and benefits of the province and closure of C-J Link canal proved this fact. He termed the water deprivation of Southern Punjab through C-J Link canal in violation of the Water Accord of 1991, a big conspiracy against Punjab. Mian Asif said that his party would stage a strong protest in the Assembly on the issue of water and nobody would be allowed to deprive the Southern Punjab of its need of water.