LAHORE - Justice Sh Azmat Saeed of the Lahore High Court, while hearing a petition challenging anti-media resolution of the Punjab Assembly, observed that in general a court can not take action against the assembly proceedings due to constitutional protection available to working of the assembly. So, the court has to first decide the question of maintainability of the petition and for that the petitioner-lawyer will argue his case on next date of hearing regarding courts jurisdiction on assembly proceedings, the judge said. With these remarks Justice Azmat Saeed adjourned hearing of the case for two weeks. The next date of hearing will be later fixed by the office of the Lahore high Court. Advocate Maqsoor Gujjar had filed the petition against the resolution passed in the provincial Assembly against the media. Masud Gujjar Advocate contended media was fourth pillar of the state and its basic job was to give information to people and members of the assembly had no right to condemn media for performing its basic job. He said the members of the provincial assembly had transgressed their powers by passing the resolution. He said the resolution is violation of Article 19 and 25 of the constitution. He said the Article 19 guarantees the right of freedom of expression and it was mandatory under the constitution that all the citizens should be kept informed about all the matters of public interest. The members of the assembly were elected representatives and the people should also have right to know what their representatives were doing. He requested the court to issue an order for immediate suspension of the resolution.