LAHORE President Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors, Khushnood Ali Khan, after an emergent meeting held here on Wednesday, in a statement issued has said the second resolution about the media passed by the Punjab Assembly is a better and positive step, which will help in making the tense situation pleasant. But it is not the permanent solution to the problem, and tension and friction cannot be reduced at all, he observed adding that suggestion given in the resolution regarding the dialogue between the representatives of the MPAs and the media could only prove fruitful provided Leader of the House Shahbaz Sharif lead the MPAs, while office-bearers of the medias representative bodies must also participate. The CPNE reiterated its stance that the Council was ready for rendering every sacrifice for the independence of the media, but the latter should also actualise its responsibilities by working within the ambit of the code of conduct since no one had offered the freedom to media in a platter rather it had been gained after a long and arduous struggle, and the concept of the democratic process was impossible sans media. The meeting was attended by Majid Nizami, Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami, Zia Shahid, Rehmat Ali Raazi, Syed Intizar Hussain Zanjani, Sardar Khan Niazi, Jameel Ather, Syed Sajjad Bokhari, Ahmed Noman Anwar, Mumtaz Tahir, Usman Mujeeb Shami, Faisal Khan Durrani, and Jaleel Hassan Akhtar. Khushnood Ali Khan briefed the members about his visits to Karachi and Faisalabad, and his interactions the journalists organisations. The members hoped that the mediamen would keep on fulfilling their duties through facts and without any fear, while the government would also realise that it had to strengthen the democratic and political system. The attendees of the meeting expressed themselves frankly regarding apprehensions about governments curbs on media, matter relating to the electronic media, hegemony of the cable operators, irresponsibility of the PEMRA, advertisements on cable, and criticism on the media and politicians. The meeting lauded the struggle of the journalists organisation for the independence of the media, and said the media was not a political party. Khushnood Ali Khan agreed to the suggestion of the members that the CPNE would keep on playing its due role for the resolution of the issues of the media.