Since the installation of PPP government, the country seems mired in an unending turmoil. Demonstrations and strikes, on this issue or that is what we have had in the past two years. The price hikes have been the order of the day. More misery has been added to our lot due to governments poor performance and the newly cropped up issues of fake degrees, family suicides and target killings. But the PPP functionaries never fail to blow the trumpets of their performance on media and the rub is that they do so usually in the name of BB whose killer are still at large. The great Khoji ensconced in the Presidency already knew who those killers were yet millions of dollars had to be spent from national exchequer on a probe 'not to know those names. The politicians keep pointing the finger at dictators while fixing responsibility for all the ills we have today but fail to see that their outstretched hands three closed fingers are also pointing at themselves. The illusive good governance that they have been unable to deliver so far, if they ask me, should begin from implementing the following four point formula; (1) All fake degree holders be asked to resign (2) Instead of holding bye-elections, the National Assembly should be dissolved (3) A care-taker government consisting of people from judiciary and armed forces be appointed (4) That government should hold elections within three months. I say you go to people afresh and on your merits only, if you have any, and not on the crutches of Bhutto name. -HASHMAT A. KHWAJA, Islamabad, July 14.