ISLAMABAD The number of fake degrees of MPs has risen to 37, as the Higher Education Commission (HEC) received more verified degrees from the different universities on Wednesday. The Commission, so far, has received 736 degrees from 32 universities and out of which 37 have been declared fake while 699 are declared genuine. About four local universities have not yet sent the degrees back to the Commission. Though, the Punjab University has sent back most of the degrees to the Commission, out of which five or six are said to be the fake but the University has sought few more days for the completion of verification process of the degrees. More than ten foreign universities have also not responded to the Commission about the verification of degrees sent to them. The Election Commission of Pakistan has sent 107 more degrees to the HEC, which has been sent to 11 local, three foreign universities and four religious seminaries for verification. The HEC had returned such copies of degrees to the ECP, which were not legible. It has been learnt that about 60 to 70 degrees are still awaited for verification from ECP. Earlier, the Commission had announced that it had given the deadline of July 13 to all the universities to send back the verified degrees so that the Commission could give the final report to the National Assembly Standing Committee on Education till July 16 about the verification of degrees. But due to delay on the part of the universities, it is very likely that the Commission would not be able to report to the NA Committee on July 16. The Commission is under huge pressure due to this verification process. Though, Chairman HEC, Dr Javid Laghari has entered into a confrontation with the Presidency after refusing to move according to the dictations given to him. He also did not succumb to any pressure but he did not want to open confrontation with anyone as well, therefore, he was avoiding media and not giving any statement regarding the issue. According to sources, he refused to talk to the media men regarding the issue when reporters of some private channels approached him. However, he conveyed his message that he was not going to resign from the post.