LAHORE - In a clear evidence of foreign hand involvement in the Data Darbar attacks and other major bombing in the recent past in Pakistan, talks intercepted by security agencies revealed that Afghanistan-based Indian sponsored terrorists targeted the Shrine of Hazrat Ali Usman Hajveri during Thursday prayers, leaving more than 47 people dead and injuring over 100 others. Well-paced sources said that the security agencies have also captured a militant leader of a banned outfit after tracking his phone calls and scanning his mysterious activities for some hours. The arrested militant identified as Qari Ibrahim Zulfi who had infiltrated from Afghanistan confessed to the investigators that India is providing financial assistance and weapons to their network for suicide attacks inside Pakistan. Sources revealed that the aim to target Data Darbar was to depict upsurge in terrorist activities in Pakistan, exploit ethnic and sectarian divide, create law and order situation, increase unrest among the people, blame local government and encourage anti Pakistan elements to undertake new initiatives to harm Pakistan. The transcripts of the conversation exposes how the militant Qari Ibrahim Zulfi informing Jalalabad-based militant leader about the recent bombing and sectarian unrest mounting in Pakistan. A militant leader based in Afghanistans Jalalabad province contacted terrorist Qari Ibrahim Zulfi in Lahore when the investigators were taping his phone to ask about the sectarian unrest. According to the conservation that took place between Qari Ibrahim Zulfi and Jalalabad based Commander, Pakhairday,,, Pakhairdey (fine, fine), Da Da Jihad Kamyaab (Data Darbar attack successful),, they laugh,,, Ab Sardaroon Ka bari (Now leaders turn). Sunni, Shia aur Baqi Mualvi Kia Kar Rahay Hian (What Sunni, Shia and other religious leaders are doing)? he asks. Lar rahay hain,, Aik Dojay par mudda dal rahay hain (they are accusing each other), he replied. Aik Aur Juhid Karo,,, Sub Aapas may marain gay (Commit another attack, they will fight with each other) Afghan militant directs his Lahore based connection. Punjab Da police Pakar raha hai logon Ko. Agency Wala Bhi Laga hai hamaray Jihadi ko pakarnay,, the militant said. Wo Police Muqabla kar Sakta hai,, he informs. Tum Bhi Muqabla Karo police ka? he again directs. The Punjab-based militant says that govt is trying to maintain peace and religious harmony and holding dialogue with religious leaders. He then directs to intensify attacks of religious and political leaders to destabilise the society. As the phone was switched off from the other side, agencies officials carried out the raid on the already identified target and arrested the militant, sources maintained. Indian intelligence network in collaboration with its consulates in Afghanistan has launched guerrilla warfare inside Pakistan. They are inciting the militants using different propaganda techniques and subversive activities, one of the members of the Joint Investigations Team (JIT) probing into the Data Darbar bombing disclosed to this reporter on Wednesday. India has set up secret training centers in Afghanistan where its military personnel in collaboration with its secret agencies have been imparting training to the innocent Pushtuns to carry out deadly attacks against Pakistan.