LAHORE (PR) - Hundreds of workers and trade union representatives including Pakistan Workers Federation, Mutihida Labour Federation, All Pakistan Trade Union Federation, National Trade Union Federation held a protest rally against abrogation of fundamental rights of millions of the working class of country here on Wednesday before Lahore Press Club Lahore under the aegis Pakistan Workers Confederation. The protest rally was led by Khurshid Ahmed, General Secretary of the Confederation that included Ch. Talib Nawaz President Pakistan Workers Federation, Muhammad Yaqub Chairman Mutihida Labour Federation, Moeen Nawaz Punu National Trade Union Federation, Syed Sajjad Hussain Shah, Addl. General Secretary, Malik Noor Muhammad, Deputy Chairman Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Electric Central Labour Union CBA, Fazal-e-Wahid, General Secretary Railway Workers Union CBA, Rana Hassan General Secretary PTCL Employees Union CBA, Khurshid Muhammad Khokhar President All Pakistan Irrigation Employees Federation Salah-ud-Din Ayyubi General Secretary All Pakistan PWD Workers Union, Muhammad Akbar Khan, General Secretary National Pakistan Employees Union and other representatives of the Trade Unions. At this occasion, Mr. Khurshid Ahmed General Secretary of the Confederation said that the capitalists and feudal lords sitting in the assemblies have violated the fundamental rights of the workers in 18tj Amendment by repealing item No. 27 of the concurrent list pertaining to Trade Union and Industrial Dispute and placing the workers organization to confine their activities within the territories of the Province and depriving them collective voice.