LAHORE - The government has forgotten appraisal of second shift classes introduced in dozens of colleges in the province some ten years ago. As a result teachers engaged in the second shift are in hot waters as neither rules of governance have been framed nor there was any revision in their meagre remuneration fixed at Rs300 per lecture in 2001. The second shift was introduced in five intermediate disciplines and BA, BSc, BCom-IT and later in the postgraduate classes of MA, MSc by the previous government. The rationale behind the second shift was to use the institutions buildings in the afternoon and to accommodate students who failed to secure admission in the first year due to high merit and shortage of seats. According to an estimate some 35,000 students were deprived of admission in colleges every year. With the introduction of second shift, more than 50,000 students were accommodated in colleges every year who were given admission with slightly higher tuition fee. The second shifts started around 12 noon. The regular teachers of the colleges as well as teachers from outside were engaged in per session basis on Rs300 per lecture. However, no attention was paid to second shift and the plight of the teachers who made this scheme a success. It was in the fitness of things that the working conditions, leave and service rules, salary structure or retaining allowances during the summer vacations should have been evolved but nothing was done. Due to suffering of the teachers the quality of education in second shift is also suffering. The rates per lecture were fixed by the government and the same can review and evaluate the remuneration of the teachers in order to provide quality education to thousands of students. Meanwhile there are reports that the Principals do not even pay Rs300 per lecture to the teachers. A teacher who is allowed to take one lecture daily or two cannot meet even the transport and outfit expenditures.