ISLAMABAD The Government is in no mood to take early decision on the proposed National Accountability Commission (NAC) Bill, which has been laying with the National Assembly Secretariat for well over two months but has not been tabled before the House for legislation. Sources in the Pakistan Peoples Party-lead Government informed TheNation that the Government was in no mood to bring the NAC Bill before the Parliament even in the upcoming National Assembly session most likely be summoned after the Holy Month of Ramazan, because in the present circumstances the completely gagged National Accountability Bureau is better serving their cause. Previously, the NAC Bill was approved by the split vote of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Law and Justice, as the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz members had walked out from the Committees meeting when some of their proposed amendments in the draft bill were not incorporated. As the National Assembly was not in session at that time so the Bill was submitted with the National Assembly Secretariat, which has been awaiting proper legislation since then. PML-N members had agitated the way, the NAC Bill was got approved from the NA Standing Committee and they expressed their resolve that they would oppose its passage from both Houses of the Parliament. The PML-N leaders said that the PPP had backed out from the promise made with them, as Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had himself said on floor of the House that he would be sending the draft bill to PML-N leadership and whatsoever amendments they would propose the same would be incorporated in the Bill and would be tabled before the Parliament for legislation. The PML-N leadership was angry over the situation and said that the PPP had not kept their words and some very useful changes proposed in the NAC Bill by them were turned down by the Committee and the Bill was okayed and sent to the National Assembly Secretariat. The sources in the Government further informed that now, once again, the Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had directed the Federal Law Ministry to look into the proposals given by the PML-N members and review the draft bill in the light of these recommendations. The sources further informed that the PPP-led coalition Government was in no mood to table the NAC Bill before the Parliament for legislation that in given situation the gagged National Accountability Bureau would serve their purpose well. The sources in the Ministry of Law and Justice informed that the NAB was stuffed with the PPP loyalists after the removal of former chairman NAB Naveed Ahsan from the seat who was considered as the main hurdle in the way of the Government in execution of their plan. The process of induction of more PPP like-minded men in the NAB is in progress and nowadays the department is busy inducting prosecutors in the department to assist the department in handling of cases pending with various NAB courts across the country.