KARACHI The law of the Karachi Electricity Supply Company seems inadequate to guarantee the rights of its consumers as it has no provision to compensate people in case they lose their valuable home appliances due to the companys fault. According to the KESC law, the company will not bear any loss if occurs due to the electricity voltage fluctuations, said a spokesperson for the KESC. He said the company has no legal obligation to pay consumers if they lose their electronic appliances like TV and air conditioners due to a sudden rise/fall in the power voltage. Thus, Karachiites are paying huge cost of the poor electricity management as many people complain of losing their home appliances due to constant fluctuations in their respective areas. You can find every second house where televisions, refrigerator or fans have been burned due to sudden increase in voltage, said Rehan Ahmed, a resident of Model Colony. Residents of Model Colony and adjacent areas said sudden high voltage damaged hundreds of home appliance recently. Voltage in many cases suddenly increases whenever KESC wires burn down, said an electrician. Neutral wire burn due to its poor quality and dropped over the phase line, he explained. This caused abrupt supply of two phases to households which is not protected and thus burn down home appliances. The resident blamed that despites huge billings and assurance of best performance, KESC has no law for the affectees who lost their electronic appliances because of the KESCs fault. The residents of Liaquatabad, New Karachi, Federal B area, Nazimabad, Jamshed Quarters, Qasba Colony, Orangi Town and parts of Gulshan-e-Iqbal also complained to have been lost their various home appliances. An electronic engineer, Muddasir Rizvi also explained that home equipment like deep freezer, Television, air-conditioners and other appliances were vulnerable to voltage fluctuations. He said in his area many residents also suffered due to voltage fluctuations. The problem of losing valuables become severe for the low-income and middle class people as they cannot invest Rs20,000 on TV or air conditioner again and again. Cost of repairing also add to their home budget and cause them financial problem. The KESC spokesman claimed that the power fluctuation had been a distribution fault and the companys new administration could not be blamed alone for the distribution problems. We do not have a magic lamp in our hands that could eliminate distribution faults overnight, he further said. He said that investment of billion of rupees required to improve system and that would also take some time. But, he admitted that it was the KESCs responsibility to consolidate distribution network as soon as possible. He said that the load management had become chronicle issue due to the negligence of the last three decades. He explained that load over existing PMTs had increased manifold as peoples living standard improved. He said that the load management problem caused distribution faults. He said the KESC administration was keen to up-grade its system and about 700 PMTs, and 200 new feeders had been installed so far in this regard. He said it had also established six new grid stations while a concrete plan had been chalked out to control load-shedding in the provincial metropolis. He informed that as a result of the system up-gradation, the electricity fluctuation was dropped by 25 against the last year average. Despite tall claims about consumers-friendly policies and laws, people complained that the companys law and regulations did not guarantee their rights. We have to pay bills, sometimes inflated bills, more than the actual and also bear the loss of home appliances despite the fact that the companys faulty system has caused the damage, said Habib Ahmed, a resident of Federal B Area. For people, laws do not put a check on companies and make them bound to protect consumers rights rather make consumers pay.