SYED JAFAR ASKARI AND DANISH RAFIQUE KARACHI - Hundreds of nurses at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) vowed on Wednesday to continue strike against the alleged rape of a nursing student by a doctor until justice is assured. More than 200 male and female nurses observed a five- hour long strike to condemn the incident. They suspended work from 9:30 am to 1:30pm. A large number of nursing staff of JPMC under the banner of Pakistan Nursing Association (PNA) took stand against the brutal act on nurse and demanded to take action against the accused. They demonstrated in front of JPMC for several hours and boycotted the health services, causing tremendous problems for patients. The outraged nurses also demanded to give exemplary punishment to Dr Abdul Jabbar Memon who committed heinous crime against the innocent nurse. They will also observe strike on Thursday at JPMC in connection with their protest. Vice President of Nurses Federation, JPMC, M Akhtar Joya while talking to TheNation that nurses would not drop their rights until the reality came on the surface. He said, The affected nurse is still unconscious; we are waiting for her statement. The suspected Dr Jabbar Memon, a Medico-Legal Officer (MLO) who is now in police custody, has no good service track record; he has been suspended seven times during his service tenure. He used to use liquor during his job hours, while he was drunk when he perpetrated inhuman act. The Medico-Legal Officer of JPMC, allegedly, tried to rape the said nurse in Doctors Colonys Mess 96. Incharge of the JPMC Accident and Emergency department Dr Seemi Jamali of the JPMC informed, We have initiated an enquiry into the related matter and taken the doctor under custody adding that after the 48 hours the case would be solved. However, the Nurses were of the view that the administration of the hospital and police were providing the shelter to culprit and were trying to delay the case. They were also of the expression that in nursing hospital, there was no privacy while number of outsiders used to live here, causing troubles and turmoil for them. They also demanded that the administration should evacuate the hostel from the outsiders in order to save such untoward incidents.