LAHORE - Justice Muhamm-ad Anwar Bahor of the Lahore High Court allowed a sui juris girl to go with her husband on Wednesday after quashing the FIR lodged against him on the charges of abduction. Petitioner Mubeen, nominated accused in the FIR, through his counsel Muham-mad Riaz Anjum advocate pleaded before the court that his wife Ayesha Saleem is sui juris girl and she had contracted marriage with the petitioner with her own free will. The petitioner said he had not abducted Ayesha for committing adultery as was alleged in the FIR rather she had contracted marriage with him without any coercion and pressure from the petitioner. The judge asked the alleged abductee whether or not she wanted to meet her mother and maternal uncles, also present in the court, the girl flatly refused saying she did not want to drag herself in courts any more. She further said she had got frustrated by appearing in the court on every date and hence wanted decision in her favour as she had not committed any sin. On this the judge accepted the petitioners plea and issued order for quashing the FIR lodged against him by his in-laws. The judge also increased the dower amount from Rs 5,000 to Rs 0.2 million with the consent of the petitioner (husband of girl) to make the life of the girl secure.