On July 12 around 6 p.m., Law Minister Babar Awan held a press conference in Rawalpindi. This was telecast live by some channels. Notwithstanding the nonsense he uttered, what I found to be most disgusting was the setting he had placed himself in for speaking to the press. Behind him stood a whole row of roguish-looking thugs clad in shabby dresses and get-up typical of the street ruffians. Not one of them was properly dressed and not one of them looked a civilised person. I wonder what kind of company our Law Minister keeps. To put it politely, he looked more like a Don of an Indian film flanked by professional killers than a politician he is supposed to be. I believe the Law Minister had may be some apprehensions that he would be subjected to harsh questioning by the press so he made a pre-emptive arrangement of ruffians-on-hire to scare the pressmen. The technique, apparently, worked because no one asked him about his fake degree, nor about the illegal money he took in a fraud case. No one asked a question about his flying missions to bars around the country with bags full of money either. I believe the Law Minister acted wisely in taking 'professional help along in a press conference. May be the other PPP leaders should also use the same technique in press conferences. -S. MEHMOOD, Lahore, July 14.