ISLAMABAD Owing to the ban on interprovincial wheat movement, the people of Sindh and Balochistan have been greatly suffering for the last two months and there is no one to protect them from the atrocities of Sindh Food Minister Nadir Magsi. Nadir Magsi unconstitutionally put ban on the interprovincial wheat movement on May 9 and no wheat product is being supplied to the Sindh province from the other provinces since then. As a result, the masses living in Sindh and Balochistan provinces have been badly affected as the wheat products have turned costlier in those provinces. It is befitting to mention here that the flour-millers had announced to go on strike against that decision few days back but they called it off after two days after getting assurance from Nazar Gondal, Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture, that he would talk to the Chief Minister Sindh and the ban would be lifted. The sources in the ministry said that the ban had not been lifted until then and the traders were paying Rs 15000-20000 money as a bribe to the Sindh law enforcement agencies and Nadir Magsis force to enter Sindh. The sources maintained that the people of Baluchistan and Sindh had become vulnerable to buy costlier wheat flour as the bribe money had to be paid by them anyhow. The sources said that Nadir Magsi himself should have lifted the ban ethically but it did not seem to happen and most probably the Prime Minister would have to interfere in order to resolve the issue. It is pertinent to mention here that Nadir Magsi has his private force called Magsi Force and which is indulged in getting bribe from the truckers who transport wheat products to the provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan. It seemed ironical that the PPP had its government both in the centre and Sindh province but even then it was unable to abstain the member of its own government in Sindh from violating the constitution, sources said. Liaqat Ali Khan, Chairman Punjab Flour Mills Association said that All Pakistan Flour Mills Association had given the deadline of July 25 to the government to end that unlawful ban on business within the country, otherwise the strike would be more powerful next time. He said that the ban should be lifted immediately as the constitution did not allow any restriction on any legal business activity within the country. He also confirmed that the wheat flour price in Sindh and Balochistan was exceeding the price of the same commodity in the other two provinces.