LAHORE - A greater political coalition 'Pakistan Grand Alliance is in the making with the efforts of newly formed alliance of three Muslim Leagues, while the stated amalgam of Leagues is holding a consultative meeting on Thursday (today) and the moot of Leagues is indicated as a first step towards the formation of larger political alliance, TheNation has learnt. Newly formed alliance of PML-Q (Like-Minded Group), PML (Zia) and PML (Functional) is holding a consultative meeting at the residence of Like-Minded leader Khurs-heed Mehmood Kasuri today. Sources in the alliance of Leagues told this scribe on Wednesday enthusiastic efforts were on for the formation of greater political alliance, which was likely to be called as 'Pakistan Grand Alliance and the consultative meeting of the coalition of three Leagues at the residence of Khursheed Kasuri would be the first step in this direction. About the agenda of amalgam of Leagues meeting, the sources informed it would be a 'consultative-cum-brainstorming meeting, which would evolve future strategy to gather the likeminded Leaguers at one platform. While, the leaders of the three Leagues would also brief the meeting about their contacts with Leaguers in all factions of Muslim Leagues and other political forces for devising a strategy to form a greater political alliance to provide the masses an alternative leadership in the next general elections. Leaders of the three Leagues coalition had contacted several political bigwigs of all the factions of Muslim Leagues who gave an affirmative signal to the efforts by stated Leaguers keeping in view the reality that without joining hands no faction of Muslim League could get a clear majority in the next general elections, claimed the sources. While the leaders of the newly formed Leagues alliance also contacted leaders in Khyber-Pukhtoonkhawa and Sindh, which include Aftab Sherpao, Chief of his own faction of PPP and Irfan Ullah Marwat, Maqbool Sheikh and Murad Ali Shah of Sindh Democratic Alliance (SDA) and they were also planning formal contacts with the leaders of PTI, JI and other political forces in the future, revealed the sources. When contacted, Ijaz-ul-Haq, Chief of PML (Zia), he confirmed the information of this scribe and said the alliance of three Leagues in the first phase wanted to form a 'Core Group comprising leaders from all factions of the Muslim Leagues, however, they did not want to create dents in any faction of the League, as they only desire to gather all Leaguers and likeminded political forces at one platform to form a 'unformidable force in the shape of a greater political alliance to provide an alternative leadership in the next general elections. About approaching Sheikh Rasheed, Chief of Awami Muslim League, he said he would contact him and extend an invitation to him for next meeting of the alliance. He said nearly 25 delegates including the leaders of alliance of three Leagues would be taking part in the consultative meeting, while veteran Leaguers like Mir Zafar Ullah Jamali, Mian Azhar and Sindh Democratic Alliances leaders would also attend the meeting. Regarding the title of the larger political alliance, he said he had proposed 'Pakistan Grand Alliance while some other colleagues suggested 'Awami Islami Mahaz. Ijaz said he appealed to the leaders of all factions of the Leagues to at least gather at one platform if they did not wish for a merger in the first stage to counter the anti-Muslim League forces.