WASHINGTON (AFP) - The White House said Wednesday that President Barack Obamas stimulus law had raised employment by up to 3.6 million jobs, as it battled to trump public skepticism over the mammoth plan. Vice President Joe Biden argued forcefully that the US economy would barely be growing were it not for the 787 billion dollar Recovery Act, and said Americans had reason to hope, despite fears the rebound is slowing. Are we heading in the right direction? Are the prescriptions we took in this administration taking the country in the right direction after (the economy fell) off a cliff? Biden asked. Is there reason for people to be hopeful? My argument is there is. A lot more work (needs) to be done, but there is reason to be hopeful, Biden said, confounding opinion polls showing Americans doubt Obamas economic leadership. In a report on the impact of the hotly-disputed stimulus law, the White House said that as of the second quarter of 2010, the Act had raised employment by between 2.5 and 3.6 million jobs. Obamas Council of Economic Advisors also estimated that the plan had raised GDP by between 2.7 and 3.2 percent. The political clock however is fast running out for the White House to convince voters that Obamas prescriptions are working, as mid-term congressional polls loom in November in which Democrats fear heavy losses. Obama will Thursday make his latest trip of what aides have dubbed Recovery Summer to Holland, Michigan to tour a plant which makes advanced batteries after receiving a 2.4 billion dollar stimulus grant. And in another event highlighting his push to tout economic policies, Obama will welcome former president Bill Clinton to the White House for a meeting with business leaders Wednesday, on creating private sector jobs. On Tuesday, Obama enlisted Clintons former budget director Jacob Lew, who was renowned for producing surpluses, to serve in the same spot in his administration, as he battles to shave the huge fiscal deficit. Biden, who Obama charged with implementing the Recovery Act, lamented that more than eight million jobs had been lost in what he refers to as The Great Recession, and put the blame largely on the previous Bush administration. But he argued that the stimulus plan had reversed the tide, mitigated huge job losses and provided the spark that would turn the economy around. Presidents cant dictate economic outcomes, but they can set goals, they can spark the imagination of people, they can in fact generate a new sense of empowerment, Biden said. They can in fact be a significant catalyst. But Republicans poured scorn on the White House effort to tout successes of the stimulus plan, a mix of tax cuts and infrastructure spending, designed to gradually filter into the economy to promote lasting growth. This is no time to celebrate, said Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. The fastest-growing parts of this Democrat economy arent jobs theyre the crushing burden of the national debt and the size of the federal government. Creation of lasting private sector jobs that help our economy grow, will be despite the government, not because of its massive deficit spending, hundreds of new regulations and job destroying tax increases. Obama signed the 787 billion dollar stimulus package in February 2009, aimed at propping up the US economy, which was still teetering after the collapse of the real estate market and key Wall Street banks. Almost one in 10 American workers is still without a job and unemployment stands at 9.5 percent. In a poll published this week only 43 percent of those surveyed said they approved of Obamas handling of the economy. The Washington Post-ABC News poll showed US voters trust in President Obamas ability to get his job done has slid to a new low. More than one third of voters surveyed 36 percent said they had no confidence or only some confidence in the president, congressional Democrats and congressional Republicans, the poll found. And only 27 percent of those surveyed said they thought the economy was getting better.