Ever since its birth, Pakistan has been regularly hit by various sorts of calamities. Unfortunately, all these calamities hit the masses the hardest. Generally, the calamities were scared of the upper classes. When floods hit the country, they hit the masses the hardest. When an earthquake hit the country, it hit the masses the hardest. When an epidemic hit the country, it hit the masses the hardest. Floods, earthquakes, epidemics etc. are natural calamities. But not satisfied with the performance of the natural calamities, we have created some calamities of our own. Our national corruption is one of such calamities. Incidentally, our corruption has been more disastrous than all the natural calamities put together. America is our friend. Believing that the calamities which were already hitting Pakistan were not enough, and that Pakistan deserved more calamities, America has gifted us some calamities on her own. The gifted calamities are: Talibans terrorism, Al-Qaedas terrorism and massive human destruction by the drones. Our latest calamity is the Karachi calamity. Obviously, it is not a natural calamity, but like our national corruption it is a creation of our political satanism. Some Karachians have killed some other Karachians. Unfortunately, when a bullet kills a citizen, it does not kill only the citizen. It virtually kills all the members of the victims family. The bullet widows the victims wife and orphans his children. Numerous Karachians are killed. Consequently, all the families of all the victims are socially and economically crushed. Numerous widows and orphans are crying and their cries are hitting the skies. But the skies seem to be earless. All Pakistanis are despondent all over the country. Unless the administrative authorities kill the killing spree in Karachi, no innocent Karachians heart can stop missing beats. A prominent Pakistani has named three political parties which, according to him, are responsible for the Karachi bloodbath. But he has not suggested any solution. Here are two suggestions: Firstly, all sorts of political meetings must be banned. The material things, which are absolutely necessary for holding a political meeting, should be set ablaze and the ashes flung into the Arabian Sea. Secondly, all the Karachians should be commanded to surrender all sorts of lethal weapons, licensed or unlicensed. The weapons should be set ablaze and the ashes flung into the Arabian Sea. Only a politics-free and bullet-free Karachi can be a safe haven for the innocent citizens. If someone were to object that the suggestions are impossible, he should know that 'genuine determination can set even 'impossibility ablaze and fling the ashes into the Arabian Sea. Karachi is Pakistans largest commercial and industrial region. The Karachi killings have not only killed the Karachians, but they have also crippled the commercial and industrial activities of the city. Money is fleeing. Unemployment is soaring. The soaring unemployment must give birth to all sorts of heinous crimes. If the killings continued, the city could collapse. If the city collapsed, it would have disastrous effects on the rest of the country. The administrative authorities are in action in Karachi. But they cannot achieve what only the politicians can collectively achieve. If the politicians sincerely resolve to establish peace in Karachi, they do so in a jiffy. But unfortunately, the politicians have themselves been at war with each other. However, there is a difference between the weapons used by the Karachians and the weapons used by the politicians. Whereas, the Karachians use military weapons, the politicians use their tongues as their weapons. Sometimes, a politicians tongue fires an abuses-laden missile at his opponent. To avenge the verbal insult, the opponents tongue fires back abuses, which are more corrosive than the abuses he was hit with. Obviously, if the politicians are fully occupied abusing each other, they can have no time to bother about Karachi. During its entire history, Pakistan has had various breeds of politicians. All these breeds have been utter fiascos. Pakistan desperately needs a breed of unique politicians, who can pull it out of the well of disaster into which it has been sinking inch by inch ever since its birth. n The writer retired as Professor of the Department of English, Government College University, Lahore.