Three deadly bomb blasts rocked Mumbai during rush hour on Wednesday killing 21 people and wounding at least 150 others. The first blast went off in the citys main jewellery market followed by two explosions in an area to the south that is the hub of commercial activity. As of now, no group has claimed responsibility. Although the Indian government talked about foreign hand and did not start the blame game as is its wont, the surprising and sad thing is that the Indian media almost with indecent haste jumped to the conclusion that the attacks were carried out by Pakistan and started spewing venom against us. Some Indian investigation officials did express their suspicion at Lashkar-e-Taiba for staging the attacks but mainly they were holding the Indian Mujahideen as the most likely perpetrators. It is clear that by pointing a finger of accusation at Islamabad, the Indian media took a totally irresponsible step perhaps for two reasons. First, a large section of it is not mature enough to see things in their true perspective and is run by unqualified so-called journalists. Secondly, these bellicose media organisations might be playing up the anti-Pakistan sentiment in India in the hope of gaining cheap popularity for the sake of improving their ratings. On the other side of the spectrum, President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani condemned the attacks, which should make it clear to the Indians that we are a peace loving nation and do not believe in using terrorism as a tool of state policy, something in fact their own country is using with impunity in held Kashmir. At the same time, President Obama, dreadfully indifferent to the series of even more ghastly bomb attacks in Pakistan did not lose this opportunity to curry favour with the Indians by assuring technical assistance in the investigations. While, there is no harm in expressing grief over the loss of innocent lives, President Obamas double-standards with respect to ignoring Pakistani victims of terrorism are shameful to say the least. At the end of the day, it remains to be seen how the Indian government would react in the days to come and especially how it is going to impact the dialogue process. If the Congress government starts to pin the blame on Islamabad, which seems most likely to happen, then not only will time be wasted but animosity will further increase between the two nuclear armed neighbours. Finally, the Indian media must remember that there have been attacks in Pakistan but neither the government nor our media exploited these incidents to badmouth New Delhi.