It is good to note that the Punjab Government has decided to re-launch the Yellow Cab Scheme and it has been planned to distribute 20 thousand Yellow Cabs to the educated youth through balloting. This scheme is very good, provided no political hanky-panky is done, and the selection of candidates is done purely on merit. While Mr. Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister, Punjab has directed to invite local notables and the media persons to witness the balloting process as it will give credence to the scheme, it would be better if driving schools may also be arranged for the winning candidates so that they could learn driving. It is possible that some winners may not know driving and therefore, it would be difficult for them to drive safely. As the private sector lacks suitable driving schools of international standards in Punjab, it is therefore suggested that the district traffic police may be directed to make arrangements for the winners so that they could be taught about safe driving techniques through trained instructors. It would also be better if these people are also given some hands-on training about repair and maintenance of Yellow Cabs. Keeping in view the style of governance of Mr. Shahbaz Sharif, it is hoped that this scheme will be fully transparent. I hope life insurance and car insurance facilities besides pre-installment of trackers will give further benefit to the drivers. It is hoped that this facility will also provide peaceful and honorable means of transportation to the ordinary commuters. I hope the jobless educated youth will not shun becoming Yellow Cab drivers as self-sufficiency is better than dependence on others. QUDRATULLAH, Lahore, July 14.