LAHORE – “Despite the apex court’s clear ruling that Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) is not a banned outfit, the US dictation regarding the party is highly honoured by the Pakistani government.”

“To say Islam as a synonymous of terror is on top of the World’s agenda and the imperial powers by making Pakistan an instable country want to grab it in its clutches of slavery and neo-colonialism. The ruling elite instead of nodding the American dictation should address grave national issues. Docile attitude of the rulers could lead the country to horrendous disaster,” JuD chief Hafiz Saeed said while talking to the Waqt News.

Hafiz said the Parliament’s resolution on blockade of Nato-supply had pepped up country’s glory, but later its restoration, against public will, added insult to injury.

“All the parliamentarians have closed their eyes and so called boycott of the assembly session was of no use. All the parties should stand united to put pressure on the government and the religious parties assemble people on a two-day short notice and organised a peaceful long march towards Islamabad that was warmly welcomed in every city.” He said all the political parties including PML-N, JUI and PTI were also invited in the march. By launching a peaceful Movement, the Nato-supply would be barred, he stressed.

“Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has since long been fighting for its survival against conspiracies being hatched against it on international level,” Hafiz said, adding it was the group resisting THE allied forces in Afghanistan.

The TTP had nothing to do with the on-going suicide actions, terrorism and killing of innocent lives, Hafiz added. On a query about the role of agencies and establishment in Pakistani politics, Saeed said the DPC, a lightning rod for anti-American sentiment in Pakistan having deep roots in public, was free enough to draw its line of action. Criticising Rehman Malik, he said his main aim was just to please the US and India.  He said despite his party’s leading role in social issues like education, medical treatment, the evil troika of the US, India and Israel that happened to be terrorists had rather been propagating against peaceful Muslims.

He said that the distances between the rulers and public like in Egypt and Tunisia gave rise to revolutions.