MULTAN - Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa said on Saturday that the PPP was determined to hold free, fair and transparent polls in the country.“It is the proof of our determination that we’ve appointed Justice (r) Fakhar Uddin J Ibrahim as Chief Election Commissioner, although he was nominated by the PML-N,” he added while talking to the journalists here at Circuit House. Earlier, he also addressed a workers convention.He claimed that the February 2008 elections were not fair, adding that the seats won by the PPP were given to others through rigging. “The day of July 19 will tell that what is the masses’ decision. We don’t want clash among institutions but the next term will also be the term of PPP,” he declared. He said that some powers wanted to wrap up democratic system. “We’re being taught lessons by others but I want to tell them that parliament is the supreme institution as it evolved the constitution,” he added. He criticized judiciary and said that the court fixed July 23 deadline for the hearing of letter writing case while on the other hand Asghar Khan case was pending for the last 23 years.He lashed out at Sharif’s, saying PPP gave them Punjab Government in charity. “Today they show eyes to us. There will be no Punjab Government if we want to dismantle it,” he claimed. He said that PPP acted upon Charter of Democracy and gave the most important portfolios to the PML-N in the centre. “We wanted to move together but they parted their ways. They took a solo flight,” he added. He said that the so-called Khadim-e-Ala deployed entire police of Lahore on his security while on the other hand cops from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were martyred by terrorists in Lahore. “Where is Punjab Government? They have completely failed to protect the lives and property of masses,” he accused. He said that just three cases were reopened against Sharifs and they had started screaming while Zardari was trialled for 11 consecutive years.  He said that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was the focal point of Pakistani politics as he brought the politics out of drawing rooms and took it to the masses. He added that Bhutto introduced revolutionary agricultural reforms and gave the slogan of roti, kapra aur makaan to the masses but Ziaul Haq abolished agricultural reforms. He said that the PPP had never been power hungry and the leaders as well as workers of this party faced all kinds of hardships and rendered sacrificed. “It was Bhutto who gave nuclear capability to this country while his daughter brought missile technology. Today no one can put a maligned sight on Pakistan,” he added. He said that Pakistan disintegrated due to court’s verdict in Maulvi Tameez Uddin case and Justice Munir admitted later that he gave wrong decision. “One decision is given by the court while the other comes from masses. Yet the third one is given by the history. Whenever they (courts) give wrong decisions, masses reject it,” he maintained. Citing an example, he said that Supreme Court sentenced Bhutto but the people rejected this verdict and made his daughter prime minister. He said that it was the fruit of democracy that judiciary achieved independence and judges became highly powerful.Referring to Bahawalpur’s opposition to Seraiki province, he said that Bahawalpur was also part of Seraiki region and therefore issue would be settled with them. He said that other provinces like Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were formed on the basis of language but when it came to making Seraiki Province people started exhibiting their biases. He said that the PPP would empower the residents of this region by making Seraiki Province and the securities of opponents would be confiscated in next election.