RAWALPINDI  – Some parts of the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) have been facing water shortage and the situation is troublesome for residents as water consumption increase manifold in summer season.

The residents of the Afshan Colony and PIA Colony talking to INP complained that they had been receiving little quantity of water for 30 minutes on alternate days despite the fact that water consumption increases in summer. They alleged that the influential people receive adequate water supply and water operators were responsible for creating water shortage.

Rohail Amin, a resident of Afshan Colony, said that water supply for just 30 minutes on every alternate days could never redress the issue of water shortage rather it intensifies the problem. He suggested that water should be provided for one to two hours if provided on alternate days.

Residents of the PIA colony talking to INP said that some of the areas receive good quantity of water and alleged that tube well operators provide water to those who please them. They urged strict action against operators. RCB official rejecting views of the residents of Afshan Colony and PIA Colony said that on receiving complaints quick action was taken against staff deputed at tube wells. Official said that there is no shortage of water in any area including Afshan Colony, PIA Colony or some other part. Water is being provided to every area equally. There may be some other problem with the pipelines or connections, which causes problem of water shortage, he said.

The residents of the PIA Colony and Afshan Colony have demanded of the authorities of the Cantonment Board for proper supply of water in their areas.

Online adds: Residents of Dhok Khabba have protested against suspension of clean drinking water in the area. This is thickly populated area and most of the population consists of government employees but no arrangement has been made by the RDA to supply clean drinking water to us. We don’t have much time to bring water from filtration plants operating in remote localities, said a group of residents.

The residents said that they have to purchase water and it costs Rs 600 per water tank.

In this age of inflation how long our pocket will allow us to buy water when it has become hard to purchase daily use items for family, they added.

A member of every second family of this area is suffering from abdominal diseases due to use of contaminated water, said Irfan Hayat, a trader. The residents demanded immediate supply of clean drinking water to the area.