The reported substantial decrease in the prices of life saving medicines is a welcome development. Since the cost of treatment was skyrocketing owing to inflation, this is a major relief to the patients. The decrease was ordered by the Lahore High Court after getting complaints that the drug manufacturing companies had raised the prices of their own accord. However, now that the notification has been issued it is up to the local authorities to see to it that the orders are being implemented. Equally important is to ensure a regular supply of these medicines to the drug stores. Medicines often go missing from the market when the companies resort to artificial shortage. The worse part is the bane of spurious drugs, a thriving business.There is seemingly no check on drug dealers and companies unless someone goes to the court. On the flipside that does not inspire much confidence in good governance since it means the executive falling short of its expectations. While our political elite always prefers to go abroad for treatment, the general public finds itself at the receiving end of the healthcare system, with patients running from pillar to post to get life saving drugs. A policy of keeping the prices of such drugs permanently under control can pay the much needed dividend.