ISLAMABAD  - Misappropriations, frauds, losses and thefts have been unearthed in the Pakistan Post that resulted into loss of Rs 69.744 million to the national exchequer.

Auditor general of Pakistan in its report has revealed 97 cases of deflections and losses during 2003-04 for which no disciplinary action was taken by the administration.

These cases were neither reported to the audit at the time of their occurrence nor process to recover this amount was initiated.  The administrative action against the delinquents was also slowed down.

Audit report further said that under article 24 of posts, telegraphs and telephones initial account code Vol-1 losses and frauds were required to be reported to audit offices on occurrence even if the loss has been made good but despite that PPO administration favoured the officials involved in it.

It has been also said that such cases of fraud, embezzlement or similar offences departmental proceedings should be instituted at the earliest possible moments against all the delinquents and conducted with strict adherence to rules but nothing has been done on departmental side. 

DAC in its meeting held on 4th February 06 directed the management to expedite final action to be taken at the departmental level in all the cases including recovery of amount involved and get it verified from audit.

Management of Pakistan Post was directed by Public Account Committee to hold inquiry into it and give report regarding all the irregularities with in ten days to the committee.