LAHORE - The FPCCI has condemned attack on police that claimed lives of nine police and persons staff, urging the government to take measures to control such incidents.

During a meeting here in FPCCI Regional Office Lahore, Sheikh Abdul Waheed Sandal, Regional Chairman FPCCI and Azhar Majeed Shaikh, Vice President FPCCI, observed that this terror incident has raised the fears of fresh wave of violence besides shaking the confidence of business community.

They said that peace is prerequisite to business community activities and the fresh terror incidents would definitely dent the economic fabric therefore provincial government should take immediately review its policy as killings of nine policemen in the city apparently is a case of security laps.

Sheikh Abdul Waheed Sandal said the tragic incident has not only caused a considerable dent to the local investment but also would shake the confidence of foreign investor who were planning to put their money in the new venture of Pakistan.