PESHAWAR – Members of the National Research Development Foundation (NRDF) have called for stoppage of the ongoing military operations and urged to take proactive steps to halt US drone attacks in tribal areas, so as to affectively carry out polio eradication campaign.

Addressing a press conference here at Peshawar Press Club on Saturday, the NRDF Coordinator, Abdul Jalil Paracha said that the eradication of polio would be efficiently launch following the closure of security forces operations and US drone attacks at tribal region.

NRDF Coordinator supported the demand of tribal elders’ for making conditional for carrying of polio eradication campaign with ending of drone strikes in tribal region.

He said that the US secrete drone attacks were against the sovereignty and integrity of the country, which must be halted. 

Flanked by Chairman, NRDF Jalaluddin, Expanded Polio Immunization (EPI) program, Dr Rahim Khatak, he said that the Ulema from different schools of thought had played pivotal role in elimination of polio in district Kohat.

He said that a number of polio refusal cases with support of Ulema, as they issued decrees in favour of polio vaccination.

Jalal informed that a three-day polio eradication campaign would be started from July 16 in district Kohat, to vaccinate more than 1.5 million children below the age of the five.

He further said that they had formed 499 teams, including mobile, fix and transit under supervision of health experts. He said all arrangements had been made to carry out the three day anti polio drive in the area. He urged the parents to get their children vaccinate to free from life time disability and make successful upcoming drive against polio in the district Kohat.