Law is the rampart of society but even in the hands of those who make it, it is sometimes as hard as a stone and sometimes it is as soft as wax. One of the peculiarities of law be it of Switzerland or Pakistan is that it has always been caviar to the general. It is still shrouded in mystery what impact it will have if our Prime Minister writes a letter to the Swiss authorities. Will the Swiss government open the graft cases against the President is itself as sixty million dollar question. One thing is certain, Mr Zardari has outwitted all those who are on the other side of the aisle and want to see him in the docks of Swiss courts. He has very deftly been able to linger on the matter for as long a time as he wanted to. According to some legal brains, the cases against the President will become time-barred next month in September as 15-year time limit for trial will end in September 2012. It is due to this very fact that Mr Zardari has said on number of occasions that the matter should be left to the next government as it will accord him enough time to safely breeze through the time limit for reopening of the graft cases against him in Swiss courts. According to the Statue of limitations of the Swiss law, Article 97(b) pertains to Mr Zardari’s cases which clearly depicts that the time limit to try ends after 15 years if the offense is punishable by custodial sentence of more than three years. However, Article 97(3) says, “If the judgment is issued by a court before the stipulated time then the Statute of Limitations does not apply”. According to the legal wizards, Mr Zardari was given first sentence 9 years back by magistrate Daniel Devoud. It was six-month suspended imprisonment. According to the experts, the sentence has removed the Statute of Limitations and the graft cases can be reopened any time. It might be putting too much premium on optimism to expect that the Swiss authorities to reopen the corruption cases against the President as the interpretation of Swiss law is in the hands of Swiss courts only and they can not be compelled to reopen the money laundering cases on the request of Pakistan government. Rather it is an application not letter that the Supreme Court is asking the Chief Executive to write. One thing is crystal clear, as long as Mr Zardari is the President of Pakistan, he enjoys complete immunity to be prosecuted not only here in Pakistan but in Switzerland also.MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, July 13.