Mr Qamar-uz-Zaman Kaira has thrown some pearls of wisdom asking where is it written in the Constitution that Supreme Court could interpret the Constitution? Mr Kaira perhaps does not understand the word “Inherent” which power is vested in the Apex Court to interpret the Constitution as the final arbiter. The Supreme Court has also to protect the constitution against inroads of the incumbent Government and of the parliament in case it violates the constitution or passes a law or amendment which violates fundamental rights enshrined in Constitution. It is like this that rules of the game are agreed by the two parties but if one party flouts the rules the referee has to call it a foul. As such Apex Court acts as a referee to blow the whistle in case rules of the game are broken. The elected representatives have given to themselves the parameters of Constitution but where is the guarantee that the parameters would not be crossed. As such the Apex Court has to act as guardian of the Constitution as a neutral umpire in a cricket match to let the players i.e. government and opposition play a fair game as per rules of the game. It is hoped the self-professed minister of information gets the point. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB, Lahore, July 13.