A century after it was first made, the steady bulb keeps on shining as reliably as ever.And its owner Roger Dyball, who at 74 is more than 25 years younger than the bulb burning brightly in his porch, says it looks as though the light will keep on going. ‘It’s absolutely brilliant - and, at this rate, it will burn for ever,’ he said.Mr Dyball and his wife Patricia, also 74, have lived in their family home in Lowestoft, West Suffolk for 45 years and believe the bulb was already in place well before they moved in. He said: ‘We have been here since 1967 and the fitting was here when we arrived. ‘We have just left it there with all its original fittings and it has never gone out.’ Roger said he knows so much about the history of the venerable bulb because it caught his eye shortly after he moved into the house. In an effort to find out more about it, he wrote to Osram-GEC’s head office in London, including in his correspondence the serial number printed on the bulb. On January 30, 1968 the electrical goods giant replied to his highly unusual inquiry, telling him: ‘From the numbers quoted in your letter we would estimate that this lamp was manufactured sometime in July 1912.’ Delighted Roger framed the certification and put it up just a few feet away from his extra-special centenary lightbulb in the porch.         –MO