KARACHI – Sindh Minister for Information Sharjeel Inam Memon on Saturday came down hard on the PML-N leadership, blaming it for having sown roots of corruption in the Punjab.

Addressing a news conference at the PPP Media Cell, the minister called Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif as kings of corruption. He said that a number of corruption cases that had just come to the fore were all against the Sharif brothers. He asserted that the Punjab was highly affected as regards corruption.

Citing the auditor general’s report, the minister said that corruption in the Punjab amounted to Rs8.5 billion, of which the Sharifs were major beneficiaries.

“The Punjab province is being governed by a man in charge of 16 departments,” said Memon in an indirect reference to Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

“If the Sharifs were not involved in corruption, then why did they seek apology from Pervez Musharraf,” he questioned.

He said that accountability was only for the PPP and that the biggest corrupt man, Nawaz Sharif, was exempt.

The minister defended his party, saying that a false propaganda was being made against the PPP and that Nawaz Sharif’s allegations against his party were baseless.