HAFIZABAD - Jamaat-e-Islami General Secretary Laiquat Baloch has lashed out at the rulers for their futile attempts to curtail the powers of judiciary which has achieved its independence after great struggle by the nation. Addressing a large gathering at Vanike Chowk Hafizabad last night, he declared, amid thundering slogans, that nation would defeat the evil designs of rulers to snatch away power of interpretation by the Apex Court and reminded the people that Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry was the first CJP who refused to bow before the dictator Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf and other generals. He rejected the recently enacted law for protecting the corrupt cronies of Zardaris.  He said that new PM would have to write letter to Swiss Court to bring back looted $600 million to Pakistan. He said that Raja Rental (PM) had been nominated as PM to make him “MENTAL”He strongly condemned resumption of Nato supplies to Afghanistan and continued drone attacks on innocent Muslims. He said that due to terrorism and suicide attacks, the entire nation was feeling insecure.  He questioned Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan to answer the remarks of US Ambassador Munter that they are both with the US. He disclosed that Long Marches would continue to stop Nato supplies to Afghanistan on the platform of Defence of Pakistan Council. He said that Pakistan should break begging bowl and should not rely on World Bank and IMF. He said that Pakistan should pool its resources to better its economy which has been at the lowest ebb due to the wrong policies of the rulers. He welcomed the appointed of Chief Election Commissioner and hoped that elections would be free and fair under his supervision. He said that only fair, free and transparent elections can bring real and undiluted democracy. He said that JI wanted to bring about Islamic Revolution to eliminate poverty, hunger, unemployment, ignorance and exploitation to resolve the sufferings of the masses.  He said that during the past four years people got no relief and instead their problems have been multiplied due to ever-increasing loadshedding, unemployment, skyrocketing prices of all items, lawlessness and corruption.  He urged his audience to support the J.I. candidates in the upcoming elections for their betterment as well and to make the country strong by relieving it from the slavery of U.S. imperialists. Earlier, JI Punjab Naib Ameer Waqar Nadeem Warraich, Dr Muhammad Yaseen candidate for NA-102, Dr Habib Ullah Cheema candidate for PP-105 and Amanullah Chattha candidate for PP-106 also addressed the gathering.