RAWALPINDI  - Open manholes in different areas of the city are turning into death traps for the residents who have demanded authorities concerned to take steps to cover these manholes.

The streets of different areas of city including Committee Chowk, Liaqat Bagh Raja Bazaar, Mureer Chowk, Pirwadhai and Sadiq Abad are dilapidated and broken while open manholes in these areas are creating problems for the residents.

Motorist, elders and children are the main victims of these manholes and many times accidents reported due to these open manholes. Citizen complained that no manhole in these areas is safe as lids from these manholes have disappeared while authorities paid no heed to cover them. Citizens said that whenever torrential rain hits the area, these manholes are flooded.

Locals regretted that the elected representatives are also silent spectator of the situation and are not taking concrete steps to solve the issues of masses.

They demanded of the government to direct concerned department to take immediate steps for covering the open manholes with lids and save the people from accidents.