LAHORE – Petitions challenging the Contempt of Court Law 2012 kept pouring in the Supreme Court (SC) on Saturday.

On Saturday, Watan Party Chairman Barrister Zafarullah, AK Dogar and Muhammad Azhar Siddique submitted to the SC Registry Branch three identical petitions, appealing to the court to annul the controversial act.

In his petition, Barrister Zafarullah said the new contempt law was a violation of the fundamental rights and justice. He added that the law could neither override nor add anything to Article 248(1) of the Constitution and the step was taken to save the prime minister from contempt charges over the issue of Swiss cases.

“The act of PPP government is similar to that of Nawaz Sharif when his regime clashed with then Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah,” Zafarullah viewed. But, he added that in 1997, the government had tried to save a person while the PPP was trying to save a group of people. He made an appeal to the court to set aside the new contempt act.

In the second petition, Siddique said the act was against the basic structure of the constitution and would lead to violation of fundamental rights of the citizens.  “If parliamentarians make legislation that violates the constitution, they will stand disqualified under Articles 62, 63 of the Constitution,” he maintained.

In the third petition, AK Dogar said the act is the violation of Articles 2, 2-A, 4, 9, 25, 37, 38 and 175 of the Constitution because immunity granted to President, Prime Minister, Governor, Chief Minister, Federal and Provincial Ministers from contempt charges was discriminatory.

JAILED FOR FRAUD: An accountability court on Saturday awarded 10-year imprisonment each to three former employees of the National Savings.

The court of Ahmed Nawaz Ranjha also imposed Rs2,100,000 fine on each convict namely Zaigham Mehmood, Malik Munir and Slahuddin.

On the complaint of teh National Savings management, the NAB Punjab chapter launched an investigation against the three employees. The bureau found out that they got involved in corruption of millions of rupees and it filed reference in the accountability court.

TRADER SUMMONED: A consumer court on Saturday summoned an electronic shop owner by July 27 over the sale of a defective air-conditioner. A consumer, Hammad Aslam, moved the court, saying that that he had purchased an AC from Fine Electronics.