Pakistan Peoples Party Secretary General Jahangir Badar on Sunday said that Raja Pervez Ashraf is very much constitutional Prime Minister and he will continue to work in according with the Constitution and would never act in its confliction in any way.

Talking to INP, Jahangir Badar said that PPP has a great respect and regard for the Supreme Court and it would never imagine to undermine or attacking the apex court, as was did by the PML-N.

Replying to a question, he said it was the prerogative of the Parliament to amend or enact laws and those who challenged the Contempt of Court Act 2012 in Supreme Court, seems to be unfamiliar with the Constitution.

To another question, he ruled out snap polls as were being demanded by the opposition. “The PPP coalition government will definitely complete its constitutional term before announcing general election”, he vowed.   

Responding to another question, Badar said that opposition was not in a position to bring about any change and therefore it was dragging every matter in the courts, making the august institution of judiciary controversial through a well hatched conspiracy.

The PPP secretary general remained, that PML-N had assaulted and ridiculed the supreme judiciary and it ridiculous that the party was now preaching for respect and high moral lessons for the judiciary.