LAHORE – The PTI will introduce a National Youth Policy with emphasis on comprehensive sports policy for setting up in each district international level facilities for cricket, hockey, football and all other traditional sports. This was stated by PTI leader and Former Minister Malik Abdul Qayyum while referring to the launching ceremony of “PTI Sports and Cultural Wing” by Imran Khan, says a press release.

He said, competitive sports can play a critical role in improving the health, leadership qualities, discipline and building teamwork in the youth.

Greater sports activities also prevent the youth from pursuing social evils such as drugs etc.

Malik Qayyum stressed, youth would be in the vanguard of PTI’s national revival efforts. The energies and idealism of the youth shall be harnessed to act as the locomotive of national change and remain the focus of PTI’s plan. Under a national youth policy, they would be actively involved in the nation building projects of rural and urban areas. We will also preserve and promote our cultural heritage through their efforts.