LAHORE - Human Rights International (HRI) Chariman Syed Anwar Aleemi has said that unity was the need of the hour and they would try their level best to make Pakistan a real modern welfare state here on Sunday. Aleemi on Sunday said all the registered NGOs (non-governmental organisations) from Pakistan would be united under the banner of HRI and for this purpose a comprehensive policy has been finalised by the Consultation of The Policy Committee of HRI.

“We have issued letters to the provincial Social Welfare Departments of the country to provide the names and addresses of NGOs registered under law and the details of the volume of monetary support extended to them by different governments and their level of performance along with the names and addresses of the office bearers of such NGOs working all over the country,” he said.

He said after examining performance of every NGO, the capable and efficient organisation would be invited to have a link with them as the members of HRI, so that these could be connected to the global network of human rights organisations to meet the goals and movements thereof in powerless and vulnerable communities.

Aleemi said they were determined to collect all the pro-people intellectuals, lawyers, journalists, all the liberal and genuine workers of the political parties, representatives of the social organisations of general public, workers of trade unions, small and middle class businessmen, students who are interested in the welfare of the people of Pakistan and the community of poor tenants, middle class cultivators, peasants, agricultural workers and their representatives on one platform for making Pakistan a modern welfare state.

He said the alarming situation in the country was primarily because of illiteracy, poverty, corruption, unemployment and exploitative system of governance. No positive step has been taken for the welfare of the masses.

The recently announced budget which caused hike in the prices of the items of daily use has increased the unrest among the general public Pakistan, he added. He said they would take all possible steps for the welfare of the nation and the country.