Six shopkeepers were booked for selling daily-use items on prices higher than those set by the government.

The arrests were made when AC Ch Ahsan Ullah along with policemen paid visits to several bazaars of the Thal. The residents of area had complained to the Tehsil Administration that traders were involved in artificial price hike and overcharging consumers.

On the occasion, talking to the media, the AC said that administrative officers were visiting Ramazan Bazars to monitor supply of quality edibles being provided under Ramazan package. He also guaranteed indiscriminate action against profiteers and boarders, saying that no one would be allowed to exploit the people.

The AC directed the authorities concerned to take action against the profiteers and traders. Assuring about the strict regulation of quality and fair prices, of essential would not be compromised, adding that no negligence in providing relief to the people would be tolerated.