KARACHI- The police force and rangers are courageously laying down their lives to bring peace to the city of lights. According to the Ranger’s spokesperson, 94 police officials and 9 rangers have been martyred during the last six months.

The police force and rangers are struggling to maintain law and order throughout the city. In order to make Karachi a peaceful city, the policemen and the rangers are ready to face any circumstances.

 The attacks on police and rangers have increased in frequency and extreme nature. As per statistics, 25 policemen were killed in January, 19 in February, 4 in March, 7 in April, 9 in May, 19 in June and 11 in July. The figures state that the increase in attacks on policemen is in retaliation by terrorists and criminal elements.

Prior to the launch of targeted operation in Karachi, 117 of the policemen embraced martyrdom last year. Six months after the operation the number of killings was 94. Although the killings in December were 11, the number rose to 25 in January which included murder of SSP CID Chaudhry Aslam who was killed in a suicide attack on his convoy. According to the detailed report presented before the Supreme Court of Pakistan, in the period before operation 1356 people were killed in the city as compared to the scenario after the operation when the number slipped to 947. Analogously, the number of target killings also reduced from 1087 to 425 which is approximately 56% decrease in the crime. The report also stated the increase in cases of extortion from 218 to 308 following the operation. The city of Karachi faced four horrid incidents of terrorism last year before the operation. A city with a population of 20 million and counting, the police strength is abysmal. The total posted strength of 25279 policemen which is divided between different branched of police in Karachi is insufficient to maintain law and order.