ISLAMABAD - At a meeting the representatives of alternative medicines sector was briefed by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) officials regarding newly drafted alternate medicine rules and the registration process of the drugs.

Representatives of Pakistan Tibbi Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, Pakistan Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Association, Pakistan Homeopathic Manufacturers, Pakistan Chemist and Druggist Association, Natural Products Association of Pakistan, Alternative Medicines Manufacturer Association of Pakistan, Sind Importers, chemist, Chairperson Committee on Alternative Medicines Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industries attended the meeting.

On the reservations of the representatives of the trade bodies regarding the Alternate Medicines (Enlistment) Rules 2014, the Chief Executive Officer of the Drap Arshad Khan briefed the participants that it was the responsibility of the DRAP to safeguard the public health and make available safe, efficacious and quality medicines to the public.

Therefore, this new sector has been brought under regulation. Hence the Enlistment Rules 2014 have been promulgated for the enlistment of the alternate (Unani, Ayuvedric, Homeopathic, and health products) produced and import to the country in the first instant as the sector assessment tool.

The difficulty facing the homeopathic manufacturers regarding the Excise Department requirement for the quota of spirit was also discussed and agreed upon that it will be treated as earlier in the current situation. The fee deposition was also discussed and resolved as that a single bank slip can be used for more than one product putting the number of the products and its accumulative fee.

It was committed by the representative of the respective bodies that they will tell their members to submit the enlistment application in the best interest of the public and should not care for any rumors and miss information spread in the market regarding the extension of the time period. Any extension in the time for filling the enlistment applications will be properly announced by the DRAP through public notice, and will be printed on the official web site of the DRAP.

All the current rumors are the misinformation spread in the market by the elements who do not want the availability of the safe efficacious and quality alternate medicines to the public.

Some participants showed reservation on the action and registration of the cases by the Drug Inspectors.

The CEO asked the participant that if any case has been imitated by any provincial or federal drugs inspector regarding the registration and licensing of the alternate medicines should be reported to the DRAP. Whereas action of the provincial and federal drugs inspectors against the counterfeit and misbranded drugs and those containing allopathic is according to the act cannot be stopped and it is a legal duty of the drugs inspector to watch such malpractices in the market.