Head of Dawah-o-Islah department of Jamaatud Dawah Prof Saif Ullah Khalid has demanded the rulers of all Muslim states including Pakistan to raise voice against Israeli terrorism.

Addressing the participants of an iftar dinner here at Markaz-e-Tayyeba in New Multan area on Monday, he added that Israeli terrorism was not confined to just Palestine rather it established terrorism camps in occupied Kashmir to train Indian Army to crush independence movement. He maintained that Israel also extended financial and technical assistance to India to construct dams on Pakistani rivers to turn Pakistan into desert.

He noted that US wanted to utilize India in Afghanistan to achieve goals. He warned that India would have to pay for whatever it did with Pakistan including terrorism, blocking Pakistani rivers and creating water and power crisis. He warned that foreign powers wanted to take revenge of their defeat in Afghanistan by creating unrest and unleashing terrorism in Pakistan. He pointed out that the government needed to block foreign intervention in Pakistan for thwarting conspiracies.

 He suggested to the government to evolve a strong defence policy instead of extending one-way cooperation to Modi government.