Textile Minister Abbas Khan Afridi has assured the representatives of industry that loadshedding hours for industry would be reduced to 8 hours during the month of Ramazan.

Textile industry is in fact the bread winner for the country and the government is trying its level best to facilitate the textile sector. This was stated by Federal Minister for Textile Industry Abbas Khan Afridi in a meeting with APTMA delegation.

The government values revival of economy, therefore textile industry holds foremost importance. The Minister added that our commitment is clearly reflected in the budget incentives announced for the textile industry.

The delegation comprising of SM Tanveer (chairman APTMA Punjab), Seth Akbar (vice chairman APTMA and Ali Ahsan (senior member APTMA) apprised the minister of the current prevailing situation. They urged the minister to devise some way out for the ruining business at the hands of power outages. The APTMA delegation lamented inadequate electricity supply for the last one year and the rising unemployment due to the laying off of shifts. The delegation highlighted that in order to reap maximum benefits from GSP plus status, uninterrupted power supply is imperative.

The Minister assured the delegation that in the month of Ramadan the loadshedding hours would be reduced to 8 hrs.  The Minister stated that he understands the problems faced by the textile units and that he would take up the issue with Prime Minister and Minister for water and power soon. The Minister admitted that no doubt the conditions are tough but he envisages a prosperous future for the country in general and textile industry in particular.