Long distance lovers can speak for hours online using video services like Skype, but holding hands has been impossible, until now. Scientists have created a wireless accessory that lets you hold your partner’s hand from anywhere in the world. It uses haptic technology to mimic the sensation of someone giving you a reassuring squeeze of the hand, using a pair of two small devices. Frebble is the brainchild of entrepreneur Frederic Petrignani, of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to put the devices into production. The Bluetooth device is not only intended to give people in long-distance relationships an extra way of communicating. ‘For a granddaughter calling grandma with special news, for a husband far away from a wife, for distant grown daughters who crave the comfort of their mother’s touch, for a best friend who wants to let her friend know it will all be ok, Frebble connects - as simply, subtly and as powerfully as though the person was right there with you,’ the company says.

‘While there are many ways to see and hear your loved ones through the power of the internet, the tactile element has been missing - until now. With Frebble, you can cut through the distance and share that smallest gesture - the squeeze of the hand - that means so much.’