Low frequency transformers installed here are now unable to run the power system under the heavy load at Khangarh due to which home appliances and cables are burnt daily.

Mepco Khangarh office is unable to rectify faults while the consumers face trouble. It has stopped purchasing new meters, cables and transformers and the consumers are unable to get their faulty meters replaced.

Mepco officers stated that they were helpless and implementing the orders of State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali in this regard. “The cost of meters that get faulty due to rain is not recoverable from consumers but Mepco officers force the consumers to pay the cost of such faulty meters. New meters and other material are not available with Mepco staff,” people said.

Local consumers said that when faulty meter are replaced, Mepco charges detection bills on the grounds of fault in meter and the consumer has to pay heavy charges prior to replacement.

They said that the Mepco staff irritates the consumers by charging heavy amount for meter replacement just to please their officers. They said that the Mepco staff intentionally carry out loadshedding just to control line losses.

“The subdivisional officer of Khangarh does not pay heed to the consumers’ complaints, they alleged. Inflated bills are issued and bogus paper work was being done on high and low levels,” they said.