Multan- The teenage cricketer who had accused the Multan Cricket Ground of sexual harassment has committed suicide.

Halima Rafiq,  a 17-year girl who raised her voice against the influential people who sexually harass young aspiring female cricketers, committed suicide today.

Members of her family claim that she was being continuously threatened after she highlighted the issue in the media. In contrast, the police said that the proceedings will be directed against the bereaved family.

The members of her family asserted that the Under-19 female cricketers were being blackmailed to make certain compromises to join the team at Multan Cricket Ground.

Rafiq raised her voice in the media against the harassers; but, she did not inform the police. Her rivals filed a defamation lawsuit and notices were issued to her. Immensely distressed under the circumstances, the young girl embraced her death. She was later buried.

Police said an investigation will be initiated against the cricketer’s family who did not inform the police about the suicide and buried her later.