ISLAMABAD- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif categorically stated that there was no room for negative politics in the country.

Addressing a ceremony in Islamabad today, he said Pakistan is on the path of progress and its achievements have been acknowledged by international bodies and financial institutions as the foreign exchange reserves reached $ 14 billion and the financial deficit reduced to 4 percent.

The PM urged the citizens not to pay heed to slogans of revolution and protests. Sharif remarked that it was time to engage in constructive politics. The people of Pakistan have given the PML (N) mandate in the elections; it will proceed to complete the mandate.

According to him, those individuals raising the hollow slogans for revolution and change in Pakistan are bound to fail in their designs; as they are innocuous, the investors should ignore their claims. Thirty to forty thousand people cannot bring any revolution and steal the mandate of those who secured millions of votes in the polls.

He further stated that his government accepted the mandate of other parties, and similarly, others too should accept the mandate given to his government.